Call Center Termination

Call center termination is our largest division at Management Consulting Pro.  We help midsize and large wholesale carriers find new carriers for their call center termination.  Since we are able to help wholesalers with their call center termination needs, we can certainly help smaller call centers with their termination needs as well.

At the present time we are terminating 250 million minutes of call center termination per month.  Our vendors are used to handling high calls per second traffic.  For every 1,000 ports our clients can expect to get 50 to 100 calls per second.  We have access to over 20 vendors for call center termination.  If your company is looking for more vendors for your least cost routing, we can help you.

Most of our pricing for our call center termination is based on npa-nxx, but if your call center is unable to use these rate decks, we can give you a flat rate deck.  Please note we don’t allow least cost routing on our flat rate decks.  To test our call center termination routes, fill out the form here.

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