Here you will find the Frequently Asked Questions for Management Consulting Pro.com.

Question 1:  Are there any fees to use Management Consulting Pro?

Answer 1:  We do not charge any consulting fees to perform a business cost analysis.  We will compare your businesses current costs and run them against our preferred vendors rates.  This will give your business a positive return on investment (ROI).  This shows how confident we are in what we can do for your business, we don’t need to charge upfront fees.  We are compensated from the vendors that provide your new services to your company.  Our vendors will be able to save your company money!

Question 2:  By doing a cost benefit analysis is our business locked into changing providers? 

Answer 2:  No, we make companies sign and initial a simple letter of interest document, which tells Management Consulting Pro.com which services you want reviewed.  After reviewing the savings we can obtain for your business you can then decide which (if any) of the services you are interested in.

Question 3:  How can you save me so much money on my services?

Answer 3:  Our business structure at Management Consulting Pro.com has very low overhead.  This allows us to pass significant savings onto our clients.  In addition, we have done a high volume of projects so our volume discounts are significant.  For example:  in telecom we do wholesale deals between 50 million – 100 million dollar carriers.  This gives us a lot of pricing power in the marketplace.

Question 4:  Do your services require any contracts?

Answer 4:  Some of our services do require contracts.  If you have specific questions please email us for more information.

Question 5:  My business has other business services that might be of interest to your clients, who do I need to speak to? 

Answer 5:  Please email us and we will review your services.

Question 6:  I have other questions not listed here, how do I contact you?

Answer 6:  Please visit our contact page and we will be more than happy to assist you.