At Management Consulting all of our clients are given white glove treatment.  There is a reason why in the middle of a recession All of Management Consulting’s divisions are in a growth phase and increasing its personnel.  Simply put: our customer service is better than our competitors!  Nick Palumbo, CEO of Management Consulting has a motto “our clients come in the door as customers and leave as friends.”

Testimonial by Anton Loon of PowerNet Global, Director of Enterprise Sales

Nick – We have worked together for almost 4 years, and it is no secret that you are a top performer that has the knack for identifying  an opportunity and executing  on it. There are a couple of things that separate you from others:

Honesty/Integrity: In my 20 year career, I have not come across a guy with better ethics and morals. You are  a first class guy, a man of his word, and you understand that successful partnerships are built on trust.

Drive/Motivation: You have a tremendous internal drive to succeed and your success is no accident. I appreciate how you pay attention to every detail and will not stop pushing until your goals are met.

Thanks for a great run over the last 4 years, and I look forward to many more successes together.

Testimonial by Ben Elkins of Voce Telecom, Sr. Vice President of Sales

I have been working with Nick Palumbo (Management Consulting Pro) for over 3 years now.  Our company relies on Nick for high quality vendors, expanding product lines, and International direct voip vendors.  Management Consulting Pro does an exceptional job with customer service, quality control, and thinking outside the box.  I would highly recommend Nick Palumbo and Management Consulting Pro!

Testimonial by Jay Sacks, SVP of Piratel

Nick, Piratel would like to thank you for a job well done!  Management Consulting Pro has been there with us from the beginning and have been a large part of our success. As the new carrier on the block we needed help with everything.  You and your team have a unique understanding of this industry and along with great relationships have been key in expanding the depth and reach of our network.  With the addition of many key vendors and more than a handful of great customers, you have made your mark on our first great year.  We appreciate your role as the “independent expert.”  With your help and continued support we look forward to another great year!  Thank you again.

Testimonial by Gail R. McCulloch, EVP of All Access Telecom

To Whom it may concern,

Please find a concise description of my business dealings with Nick Palumbo.  Nick has been very professional and forthright in all of our business transactions.  It is refreshing to deal with someone who does what they say they will do.  Nick’s follow-up and commitment to excellence has been superb.  I can reach him at any time and if I leave a message I always get a timely call returned.  It has been great working with Nick so far and look forward to working with him over many years to come.  I highly recommend everyone committed to getting things done to work with Nick.

Testimonial by Mike Wolk, Partner at CIty Communications

Nick has been a great contact for my business in the last 3 years.  He is persistent, ethical and a very high quality individual.  Nick knows how to work a deal in a way that is very harmonious to all parties involved.  I would highly recommend working with him in any way possible.  I look forward to many years of success between our companies.

Testimonial by John Thorpe, VP of VariNet

I highly recommend Nick Palumbo, Management Consulting, as an agent to partner with.  Nick is extremely organized, reliable and very well connected. I personally enjoyed Nick’s ability to follow through to ensure that the job gets done.

Nick would be a tremendous asset for your company and has my highest recommendation. If you have any further questions with regard to his background or qualifications, please do not hesitate to call me.

Testimonial by Tek Mok, Senior Switch Technician

Our company has been working with Nick Palumbo for more than 2 years. His immediate response, positive mind, and most importantly, his network in the industry has helped us create long term relationships with quality telecom vendors. We highly recommend Nick Palumbo and the work Management Consulting does.

Testimonial by Tad Nikolich of VoxOx, VP of Business Sales

VoxOx by Telcentris has been working with Nick Palumbo and Management Consulting Pro since 2011 and we really value our relationship.  Nick has connected us with dozens of carriers and customers that have helped us grow our business.  Our bottom-line has improved due to his telecom bill reduction services.  He has always been a pleasure to work with since he understands the industry, knows the players and can get things done.  He has a great attention to detail and is a real customer advocate.  I would recommend Nick and Management Consulting Pro without hesitation.

Testimonial by Deven Verma of Trikon, Managing Partner

Nick has a simple formula for success: Pro-actively bring good deals to associates, answer your email promptly and demand fair treatment of the purchaser. In the years I have been associated with Nick, I have never had cause to complain. The deals he has brought us have made a big difference to our bottom-line. I cannot recommend his services enough.

Testimonial by Chris McDonald, Senior Director, Carrier Sales

Nick and Management Consulting Pro have brought us great deals and given Fusion the opportunity to increase business from previously unreachable customers and vendors.  The relationship has been strong and fair from the beginning and has a bright future.

Testimonial by Paul M.

I would like to thank you for introducing me to the solar energy company.  We have purchased about $500,000 of energy tax credits, and in doing so will have a substantial reduction of our out of pocket tax costs for this year.  We have been analyzing this deal for several months, and I have personally met with Nick Palumbo and several of his associates, vendors, and satisfied customers.  I have seen his work and after spending a full day with him driving to many of his installations, I would gladly refer anyone to lower their out of pocket tax liability with a membership in the solar company.

Testimonial by Michael of TalkTT Services LLC, Managing Partner

We’ve worked with Nick for quite long and we really appreciate all the help he has given to us. He introduced quite a few good telecom carriers and suppliers to us, especially call center routes and A-Z wholesale voip termination. Now we have good quality routes at a great price and our business keeps growing. We are very pleased with all the work he has done. Thank you!

Testimonial by Lisa Zazza, President of DigiPBX

In the time that we have worked with Nick Palumbo, he has exceeded our expectations greatly. We have been beyond impressed and satisfied with his ability to meet our needs, as well as with his responsiveness and efficiency to our requests.  We
would highly recommend him for anyone in need of this type of dialer termination service.

Testimonial by Scott G. President of US INK AND TONER SUPPLIES
Nick Palumbo have been a great company to truly partner with. They have made the entire process a breeze. You could not find a more knowledgeable group to work with, they have all tools to get the job done the right way and fast.  I would recommend them to anyone My company US INK AND TONER SUPPLIES will never use anyone else!

Testimonial by Cynthia
This has been a great experience for me and I appreciate your flexibility and willingness to go above and beyond.

Testimonial by Brian
Your team really are pros at what they do… I know your company will climb to the top – Best Wishes to you and your company.

Testimonial by Robert Doner
Nick Palumbo, the head project manager is the only team player on EshoppersJackpot that I can count on. When he says something he means what he says! I thank you greatly for this. I just wanted to make this phone call to you, I felt you deserved to hear it in person. I am highly impressed with your professional and on target approach. I have enjoyed working with you from start to finish.

Testimonial by George Bravo
In 30 years of business I have never gave a prepayment on services not performed, but for you today is the first time I’ve ever done that. Take that as an ultimate compliment. Usually I’m calling people and saying why isn’t this done yet etc. Nick was riding me…. Check this, give approval on that.  The project got completed before you said it would. You are very proactive in keeping the project moving forward. Excellent Job!

Testimonial by Aaron
Thanks for your time, you have provided more information than any of the other companies. Your company has been extremely helpful.

Testimonial by Judy Ridolf
I always think of you…you changed things around for me on the Internet. My sales are now exploding into the hundreds of thousands per month and I owe much of it to what you’ve done for me. I appreciate it very much. Keep up the great work!

Testimonial by Stacy Vo
You guys are lightning fast! I have yet to meet or work with someone who can match your work ethics.

Testimonial by Joe, Kee Action Sports
Nick is one of our best paying customers.  No let me take that back, he is the best paying customer I have.

Testimonial by Paul Hawkins
Thanks to you for your gutting out a tough one. an honorable and friendly manor. It isn’t often that I have met a man who honors his word despite running into unforeseen obstacles created by at least one other party. …well done Nick and …a heartfelt thank you! I look forward to working with you again in the very near future.

Testimonial by David B
I really like the ability to meet with you. I should get you future business, just based on my experience and enthusiasm alone. I really appreciate how you contribute your suggestions, and visions.

Testimonial by Mark Cruz, Buyers Attorney

Nick, I’ve heard many good things about you.  I wouldn’t want to be competing against you in any business, you’re a fierce businessman.  That is the ultimate compliment I can give.

Testimonial by Matt Girardi,

I can still remember the first time we talked it was a 3 hour phone call.  Nick’s account has always been in good standing, actually great standing.  They always pay their bills and is a pleasure to work and do business with.  He will be missed as he has become a friend to the Bob Long Family.

Testimonial by Chris Grantham, Archon Paintball

Nick’s account has always been in great standing, he has never owed us any money.  I will miss him as he has become a friend to me over the years by working with him so closely on a day to day basis.

Testimonial by Eric Rosen, President of P and R Online Inc

Nick is the hardest working person I know; he will continue to be very successful because of it.

Testimonial by Alex Sanchez

Nick’s speed of delivery is very fast.  If I send out an email or a text message he is quick to respond and answer my questions.  His answers are thorough and complete with a high standard of professionalism.  I think the consulting role fits him perfectly.  It takes a certain kind of person to have those types of qualities, in order to be a consultant.  I feel that he possesses these traits and that whoever he gives advice to or works for will not be disappointed.  Thanks for a job well done!

Management Consulting prides itself in out of the box thinking and exceptional customer service.  We look at each client as a lifetime business partner.  If you would like Management Consulting to give you a free, no obligation business consulting analysis contact us today.