Telecom Bill Reduction

Reduce Telecom ExpensesOver the last eight years, Nick Palumbo has helped over 1,000 businesses save money on their telecom expenses.  In addition, we have helped large multi-national telecom companies in the USA, China, United Kingdom, Pakistan, Australia, Latvia, and India streamline their rate decks to maximize profits.  Today, Management Consulting utilizes over 15 large and medium sized telecom providers to offer the very best assortment of services at the lowest possible prices.

Did you know telecom prices have been rapidly declining over the last 10 years?  If your business hasn’t done a cost analysis in a while then you are not getting the best deal possible!  Let the experts at Management Consulting give your business a free business analysis today.

Our vendors can assist with the following telecom services:

Local Phone Service – Our vendors can cover all 50 states on local phone services.  Your business will still have the same quality service at a lower price.

Long Distance Service – Long distance prices can vary greatly from state to state and on international phone service.  Let us do a competitive analysis on your telecom bill to discover the savings.

Internet Service – Our vendors do cable internet, fios, T-1 Lines, and other fiber internet connections.  We can explore different pricing options on over 10 large telecom providers.

MPLS – MPLS service can be very expensive to network each office together.  Let Management Consulting minimize this office expense.

Hosted Voip – This is a great phone system for an office with a limited number of phone lines.  These systems are perfect for small businesses such as restaurants and/or offices with less than 5 phone lines.

If your business hasn’t done a comprehensive cost analysis in a while, let the experts at Management Consulting run the numbers for you!  There is no downtime while converting to the other providers and our 15 year veteran provisioning teams make moving your services as easy as 1-2-3.  Fill out the form below for more information.

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